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Telit LE920A4 now supported in Linux kernel

Posted by on Ago 21, 2016 in development, kernel, Linux, Telit |

Two days ago Telit LE920A4 support in the option driver has been merged into master and should be available since kernel version 4.8-rc3. The LE920A4 is an automotive grade LTE modem capable of 150 Mbps in downlink and 50 Mbps in uplink and full fallback compatibility with HSPA+, EDGE and GSM/GPRS. Other interesting key points are the GNSS support (GPS,...

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ModemManager 1.6 released

Posted by on Ago 7, 2016 in development, Linux, ModemManager, Telit |

A few days ago Aleksander Morgado released ModemManager 1.6: the announcement can be read here. For those who don’t know what ModemManager is, I suggest to read the official website, but, in a few words, ModemManager is the standard software for using mobile broadband devices in Linux environments. It is currently used in the most important Linux...

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git blame to see who has done what, when and why

Posted by on Apr 10, 2016 in development, git |

Recently I had to understand when a specific feature was introduced in one of the software we manage with git: git blame came to the rescue. It’s interesting to read, what blame really means (from thefreedictionary): 1. To consider responsible for a misdeed, failure, or undesirable outcome 2. To find fault with; criticize 3. To place responsibility...

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Telit LE910 V2 cdc-ncm support added in Linux

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016 in development, kernel, Linux, Telit |

Telit LE910 V2 USB composition with CDC-NCM device is now properly supported by the Linux kernel. My patch is available since kernel version 4.6-rc2. Why is this patch needed for Telit LE910 V2? The first is a cosmetic one: since Telit LE910 V2 is a mobile broadband adapter, the proper name of the network interface should be wwanx. Without the patch the...

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mixin Intel AOSP mechanism with Minnowboard Max

Posted by on Apr 3, 2016 in Android, AOSP, development |

When building Android AOSP, it is a common need to customize the build for adding files, libraries, services, properties (and other) to the Android device. Intel created a very convenient way for doing this kind of customizations: they called it mixin. Let’see how customizing the build is easy with this system. This tutorial is based on the Intel...

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