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Wireshark qmi dissector available

Posted on Set 29 by

This past week I had to debug a issue related to a QMI-based modem, so I thought it would have been convenient to use a Wireshark qmi dissector for analyzing communication...


cdc-wdm support now added in AOSP Hikey

Posted on Set 11 by

Recently I was trying to use my QMI and MBIM based modems in AOSP, with no luck: no cdc-wdm device was available in /dev/ after modem plugging, apparently without any kernel...


CDC ACM GET LINE CODING request in Linux

Posted on Ago 18 by

Recently I was looking for a way to verify if CDC ACM GET LINE CODING request was working properly on a specific modem, since a customer was reporting an issue with it. In...


Telit plugin improvements in ModemManager

Posted on Giu 26 by

In the past few months a lot of development happened recently in ModemManager, both new features and bugfixings. As usual I will mainly focus on the changes that affect Telit...