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libsmbclient, Dolphin and Windows Server 2016

Posted on Lug 5 by

I never heard of libsmbclient until recently, when I discovered that Windows Server 2016, by default disables for file servers version 1 of the smb protocol due to WannaCrypt...


rmnet iproute2 support added in iproute2-next

Posted on Giu 27 by

rmnet is the name of Qualcomm proprietary mobile broadband interface type available in today’s Qualcomm based modems. rmnet USB modem are managed through the kernel module...


AOSP native service with arguments

Posted on Feb 9 by

Once upon a time an AOSP native service could be started with arguments through the property ctl.start. Something like: setprop ctl.start ppp:debug The generic start of a service...


AOSP dhcpcd-6.8.2 how to run hooks

Posted on Nov 8 by

Since Android 7, AOSP dhcpcd (standard dhcp client) was replaced by dhcpcd-6.8.2 that is, reading in, a “D-Bus enabled and compatible with Brillo daemons”...