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Today I would like to disclose my first Android app in Google Play Store: sms2Group.

It is no more than a simple exercise due to an actual need raised by my mum: sending the same sms to a group of contacts. She needed a very simple app, since she’s making her first steps with a smartphone and was a bit overwhelmed by all the new things to learn.

I know there are a ton of apps for doing this kind of task, but I seized the opportunity to learn the basic principles of Android development.

Few things I learnt:

  • What is an Android activity
  • How to create a simple layout
  • How to manage a list view
  • How to save and retrieve data using a database
  • How to start an intent
  • How to differentiate the behavior according to the Android version

Since this is my first app, I’m quite sure that there are many things to be fixed: the source code will be soon available through github, so anyone can help me to correct my mistakes.

Link on Google Play

Any advice for improving sms2Group is welcome 🙂