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AOSP native service with arguments

Posted by on Feb 9, 2018 in Android, AOSP |

Once upon a time an AOSP native service could be started with arguments through the property ctl.start. Something like: setprop ctl.start ppp:debug The generic start of a service with arguments was: setprop ctl.start service:arg1 arg2 arg3.. This feature was introduced by commit f24e252903ca0f71c7fbfb135cf17e83e0c2ea90 but got lost after the heavy...

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AOSP dhcpcd-6.8.2 how to run hooks

Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Android, AOSP |

Since Android 7, AOSP dhcpcd (standard dhcp client) was replaced by dhcpcd-6.8.2 that is, reading in, a “D-Bus enabled and compatible with Brillo daemons” dhcp client based on dhcpcd: let’s see how it should be customized for running hooks after completing some actions. For my tests I’m using the Hikey960, even though...

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Hikey 960 telephony features: how to add them using Android 8

Posted by on Ott 22, 2017 in Android, AOSP, RIL |

Once again a new AOSP supported target is available, and I need to use it for developing and testing the RIL: so, like done for the classic Hikey and Android 6, here’s my recipe that explains how to add the Hikey 960 telephony capabilities in an Android 8 image. Customizing the Hikey 960 for Android 8 (Oreo) Let’s start with inheriting a...

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cdc-wdm support now added in AOSP Hikey

Posted by on Set 11, 2017 in Android, AOSP, Linux, MBIM, QMI, USB |

Recently I was trying to use my QMI and MBIM based modems in AOSP, with no luck: no cdc-wdm device was available in /dev/ after modem plugging, apparently without any kernel error. First guess was lack of cdc-wdm device driver in my kernel build, but, after checking, that was not the issue, since the network interfaces of the modem were properly created....

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Adding LTE in AOSP preferred network settings panel

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Android, AOSP, RIL |

Ever wondered why you do not find LTE in your AOSP preferred network settings panel even if you are using an LTE modem? Go ahead reading to find a possible solution… Native RIL library presents a way for telling the platform which capabilities are supported by the modem: /** * RIL_REQUEST_GET_RADIO_CAPABILITY * * Used to get phone radio capablility....

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How to easily test RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW in AOSP

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Android, AOSP, development, RIL |

Recently I had the need to develop a custom behavior in AOSP for one of my modems: on the native side it was quite clear I had to use RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW, but how to easily test this on the Java side? RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW in ril.h Taking a look at native RIL main include file hardware/ril/include/telephony/ril.h we can find the description for the...

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