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Hikey 960 telephony features: how to add them using Android 8

Posted by on Ott 22, 2017 in Android, AOSP, RIL |

Once again a new AOSP supported target is available, and I need to use it for developing and testing the RIL: so, like done for the classic Hikey and Android 6, here’s my recipe that explains how to add the Hikey 960 telephony capabilities in an Android 8 image. Customizing the Hikey 960 for Android 8 (Oreo) Let’s start with inheriting a...

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Adding LTE in AOSP preferred network settings panel

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Android, AOSP, RIL |

Ever wondered why you do not find LTE in your AOSP preferred network settings panel even if you are using an LTE modem? Go ahead reading to find a possible solution… Native RIL library presents a way for telling the platform which capabilities are supported by the modem: /** * RIL_REQUEST_GET_RADIO_CAPABILITY * * Used to get phone radio capablility....

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How to easily test RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW in AOSP

Posted by on Feb 8, 2017 in Android, AOSP, development, RIL |

Recently I had the need to develop a custom behavior in AOSP for one of my modems: on the native side it was quite clear I had to use RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW, but how to easily test this on the Java side? RIL_REQUEST_OEM_HOOK_RAW in ril.h Taking a look at native RIL main include file hardware/ril/include/telephony/ril.h we can find the description for the...

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Telit GE910 support added into ModemManager

Posted by on Ott 23, 2016 in Android, AOSP, development, kernel, Linux, ModemManager, RIL, Telit |

A few weeks ago Telit GE910 support has been added into ModemManager (mm-1-6 branch and master). The GE910 is a 2.5G cellular module (4 Bands GSM | GPRS: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, GPRS class 10) designed to be fully compatible with Telit’s HSPA and EV-DO products, using the same connector-less xE910 unified form factor family. Telit GE910 is avaliable...

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How to enable the PUK insertion panel in AOSP RIL

Posted by on Set 25, 2016 in Android, AOSP, development, RIL |

I’m moving forward on my native AOSP RIL library development: after having solved the Pin Lock State issue, I’m now facing a problem with PUK insertion. When the SIM requires PIN insertion, after all the PIN retries have been consumed, the GUI keeps staying in PIN request mode: no PUK panel is shown, so it is impossible to unlock the SIM card....

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How to manage properly the Pin Lock State in AOSP RIL

Posted by on Set 18, 2016 in Android, AOSP, development, RIL |

I’m currently developing the native AOSP RIL library (Android 5 and 6) for a modem of mine. While adding the code to manage the Pin Lock State I faced a puzzling problem: no matter what I wrote in the native RIL library, the Pin Service State in the Settings GUI was always wrong. Time to go through the Java code… AOSP RIL and the wrong Pin Lock...

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