ModemManager 1.6 released

A few days ago Aleksander Morgado released ModemManager 1.6: the announcement can be read here.

ModemManager 1.6

For those who don’t know what ModemManager is, I suggest to read the official website, but, in a few words, ModemManager is the standard software for using mobile broadband devices in Linux environments. It is currently used in the most important Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Redhat).

Telit improvements in ModemManager 1.6

Telit modems support (mainly HE/UE910 and UL865) has been improved thanks to some contributions:

There are also a few other contributions of mine (850318fd965d992994412688955f1e3ce8a9c97e, 4403bb7764268a3924ed0ed7d14c510751fdbb4ded97ebf6bfac937501d4cee8fe97919f30b627c41af8304a8f4916431d081a2dc34316dc7bdf717d) related to DW5580, a Dell branded modem used in some Dell IoT platforms.

The master branch is already seeing a lot of development: one of the most interesting one is the possibility to run ModemManager in environments without udev (e.g. OpenWRT).

I would like to thank the maintainers for the great effort.