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Two days ago Telit LE920A4 support in the option driver has been merged into master and should be available since kernel version 4.8-rc3.

The LE920A4 is an automotive grade LTE modem capable of 150 Mbps in downlink and 50 Mbps in uplink and full fallback compatibility with HSPA+, EDGE and GSM/GPRS.

Other interesting key points are the GNSS support (GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO) and the availabilty of a powerful application processor that can be used for running customer software applications.

Here you can find the datasheet.

Telit LE920A4

Telit LE920A4 compositions

The patch adds the following compositions:

0x1207: tty + tty
0x1208: tty + adb + tty + tty
0x1211: tty + adb + ecm
0x1212: tty + adb
0x1213: ecm + tty
0x1214: tty + adb + ecm + tty

Those join the previous ones used also with LE910/920:

0x1201: tty + adb + rmnet + tty + tty + tty
0x1203: rndis + tty + adb + tty + tty + tty (currently not supported in option)
0x1204: tty + adb + mbim + tty + tty + tty (currently not supported in option)
0x1205: mbim
0x1206: tty + adb + ecm + tty + tty + tty (support recently added, read next paragraph)

More support for LE910/920…

Another patch that adds support for LE910/920 PID 0x1206 in option has been merged recently.

0x1206 is the LE910/920 USB composition characterized by an ECM device: this network interface can be managed with Telit custom AT commands.

This composition can be useful when the modem should be integrated into embedded systems with no operating system or where QMI and MBIM devices are hard to be managed.