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A few weeks ago Telit GE910 support has been added into ModemManager (mm-1-6 branch and master).

The GE910 is a 2.5G cellular module (4 Bands GSM | GPRS: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, GPRS class 10) designed to be fully compatible with Telit’s HSPA and EV-DO products, using the same connector-less xE910 unified form factor family. Telit GE910 is avaliable also with GNSS support.

Telit GE910

From an USB composition point of view the modem presents 3 ttyACM devices, two of which linked to AT parsers.

Telit GE910 ModemManager patches

Since Telit GE910 USB composition is different than the HE910/LE910 V2, the #PORTCFG command behaves differently, so the plugin has been patched to manage this different ports layout (1, 2).

Another small fix was related to band recognition: this part has seen recently one more refactoring patch in order to use a singular regular expression for 2G, 3G and 4G.

Support for another Infineon flashing device

Another two patches related to Telit modems (in detail Telit LE940B) were written for adding support to a new Infineon flashing device both in the kernel and in ModemManager (in order not to probe the device identified by those VID/PID).

Memory leak fix in Android RIL for requestSendSMS

The last update is related to a patch I wrote for a simple memory leak fix in Android RIL: the fix itself was really trivial, but it was interesting to try the patch submission process in AOSP. If you are planning to contribute I suggest reading the Submitting Patches page.

Two simple hints if you want your contribution to be considered for inclusion:

  • Look for the developers in Google who are in charge of the parts affected by your patch and add them as reviewers in Gerrit.
  • Try to make your patch as simple as possible: simple changes are more easier to be reviewed and, eventually, accepted.