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libsmbclient, Dolphin and Windows Server 2016

Posted by on Lug 5, 2018 in Linux, Senza categoria, Windows | 0 comments

I never heard of libsmbclient until recently, when I discovered that Windows Server 2016, by default disables for file servers version 1 of the smb protocol due to WannaCrypt threat: so, due to a recent update of the file server in my company, I was not able to access anymore through dolphin the directories and files provided by that server. Dolphin and...

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rmnet iproute2 support added in iproute2-next

Posted by on Giu 27, 2018 in development, kernel, Linux, QMI, USB | 0 comments

rmnet is the name of Qualcomm proprietary mobile broadband interface type available in today’s Qualcomm based modems. rmnet USB modem are managed through the kernel module qmi_wwan that creates both a control device (cdc-wdm), in which qmi messages pass, and a network interface, for data connections (for more details on these arguments I suggest...

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AOSP native service with arguments

Posted by on Feb 9, 2018 in Android, AOSP |

Once upon a time an AOSP native service could be started with arguments through the property ctl.start. Something like: setprop ctl.start ppp:debug The generic start of a service with arguments was: setprop ctl.start service:arg1 arg2 arg3.. This feature was introduced by commit f24e252903ca0f71c7fbfb135cf17e83e0c2ea90 but got lost after the heavy...

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AOSP dhcpcd-6.8.2 how to run hooks

Posted by on Nov 8, 2017 in Android, AOSP |

Since Android 7, AOSP dhcpcd (standard dhcp client) was replaced by dhcpcd-6.8.2 that is, reading in, a “D-Bus enabled and compatible with Brillo daemons” dhcp client based on dhcpcd: let’s see how it should be customized for running hooks after completing some actions. For my tests I’m using the Hikey960, even though...

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