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Telit plugin improvements in ModemManager

Posted by on Giu 26, 2017 in kernel, Linux, MBIM, ModemManager, Telit | 1 comment

In the past few months a lot of development happened recently in ModemManager, both new features and bugfixings. As usual I will mainly focus on the changes that affect Telit plugin, but I suggest to take a look log at the whole git log since there is a lot more. Telit plugin new features A short list of new features: Telit RS232 modem supports, mandatory...

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Telit LE922 rmnet and MBIM support added in Linux kernel

Posted by on Dic 29, 2016 in development, kernel, Linux, MBIM, ModemManager, Telit |

Telit LE922 rmnet and MBIM support has been recently added in Linux kernel. Telit LE922 product series key features: LTE data rates in 4G networks up to 300 Mpbs downlink and 50Mbps in uplink. Carrier aggregation up to 40MHz bandwidth, both intraband and interband, and MIMO 2×2 Multiple regional variants to support the various bands (FDD/TDD) and band...

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Using Wireshark + usbpcap for debugging MBIM modem issues

Posted by on Giu 11, 2016 in MBIM, Windows |

Recently I was asked to explain why an MBIM based modem connected to a Windows 7 host was sometimes not able to setup a data connection after a Suspend (S3) / Resume transition. Since firmware modem traces could not be collected, I asked to collect usbcap logs during the issue, in order to leverage Wireshark capabilities for debugging MBIM modem issues....

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